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Polyurethane varnishes for wooden kitchen furniture. The most durable choice.

Polyurethane varnishes for kitchen furniture: transformation and protection

Choosing the right varnish to safeguard and enhance the beauty of wooden kitchen furniture is essential. In this article, we will explore the significant advantages of polyurethane varnishes, highlighting their versatility and durability in the furniture manufacturing industry. Discover how this type of coating can provide long-lasting protection.

Advantages of polyurethane varnishes for wooden kitchen furniture

Wear and moisture resistance

Polyurethane varnishes are known for their exceptional resistance to wear and moisture. In the kitchen, where exposure to liquids, vapors, and temperature changes is common, this feature becomes crucial. By applying polyurethane varnishes, wooden kitchen furniture gains protection against stains, scratches, and damage caused by moisture.

Versatility in application

Another key advantage is versatility in application. Polyurethane varnishes adapt to different types of wood used in furniture manufacturing. For example, they adhere well to both porous and non-porous veneers (such as oak, ash, walnut, composite, etc.) and are easily applied using various spraying equipment (airbrush, airmix, and airless), ensuring uniform toning.

The importance of varnishing wooden kitchen furniture

Enhancement of natural beauty

Varnishing not only provides protection but also enhances the natural beauty of wood. Polyurethane varnishes offer a transparent finish that highlights the patterns and tones of the wood, providing an elegant and timeless look to each piece along with a smooth and pleasant tactile result.

Long-term durability

Long-term durability is one of their main characteristics. By forming a protective layer resistant to polishing and scratching, these varnishes extend the lifespan of kitchen furniture, ensuring they maintain their aesthetic appeal over the years.


Which polyurethane varnishes use for varnishing wooden kitchens?

Currently, finishes that give a natural appearance to wood are sought after. At Otaduy, among others, we have the Nature process, composed of OTACRIL AA-719 Nature varnishes that achieve a natural look and OTACRIL AA-721 Antiscratch, which provides excellent scratch resistance.


These products have passed tests conducted by Cidetec according to UNE 56875 standard. Through these tests, we can demonstrate that Otacril AA-719 Nature and Otacril AA-721 Antiscratch have high chemical and impact resistance on kitchen furniture under general and intense use.

Some of the foods and elements used during the tests were:

  • Cold foods: olive oil, alcohol, red wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and milk.
  • Hot foods commonly used in the kitchen such as olive oil and milk.
  • Cleaning products: dishwasher soap, bleach, powder detergent, liquid detergent, floor cleaner, and wood furniture cleaner.
  • Utensils commonly used in kitchens that have been heated to high temperatures.
  • Boiling water vapor.
  • Impact resistance from dropped utensils on wood. The result was the absence of cracks on the surface, thanks to the use of Otacril AA-721 Antiscratch.

It surpasses all tests for chemical and impact resistance of surface coatings for kitchen furniture according to UNE 56875 standard.

As you can see, choosing Otaduy’s polyurethane varnishes for varnishing wooden kitchen furniture is a high-quality and long-lasting investment for protection, as well as enhancing their appearance. Wear and scratch resistance, versatility in application, and the enhancement of natural beauty make this option endure and look impeccable for many years.

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